• To be honest, I can’t accurately represent in words the extraordinary effect Denise Rochon has had in my life and on my life. Although blessed to have excellent health care in complementary modalities, I have never experienced a practitioner who has helped me more than Denise.

    Responsive, caring, hopeful, patient and talented in myriad methodologies, Denise has been by far the most influential person in my family’s health journey since way back to 1993. I always look forward to seeing Denise because I know she will take the time to listen to me with empathy and without judgement, and will work tirelessly toward a healthy resolution. Her love and commitment shine through her work and we have significantly benefited from same.

    We have referred many friends to Denise because she achieves healthy results in natural and holistic ways. Our deep gratitude for all Denise has done to successfully help our family knows no bounds.

    With love and respect.

    Sean S.

  • My experience with Dr. Denise Rochon was life changing. I was treated for cell dysphasia of the cervix and chose to go try naturopathic medicine instead of western medicine and the suggested Leep procedure (a surgery which could cause difficulty with pregnancy). I not only received the appropriate treatment but I felt well supported through my time of healing. This was an empowering experience and I am now convinced that naturopathic medicine works. Dr.Denise is a knowledgable and caring Doctor who is able to communicate compassionately. I highly recommend visiting Dr.Denise Rochon as she is an excellent Naturopathic Doctor.

    Judy S.

  • I’ve been working with Denise for over 10 years. It’s hard to expand on how much she has helped me and my two children. With Denise, I learned not just about homeopathy but also about how to listen to myself and to connect with what’s really happening inside my body and in my surroundings. Over the years, I saw the positive effects of her treatments on eczema, warts, colds, asthma, back pain, croup, ear infections, nausea, teething, fungus, you name it! And also on emotional imbalances. Each time, I am impressed with the results and with the process, the time and attention that she gives me. Her approach is holistic and comprehensive. She gives me advice without forcing it and guides me in the right direction without pushing me.

    For me, Denise has been and still is a stepping stone toward better health and increased awareness.

    Marie-Luce C.

  • Dr. Rochon has been supporting my entire family for over 20 years. I completely trust her with my life and know that she has my best health interest in mind.  She has always given me her undivided attention, researches for me and my issues specifically and focuses on my entire health, not just one specific symptom.

    Her calm and gentle approach is reassuring and encouraging and I have always found excellent results with her treatments. She is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to not only health issues but human and environmental issues. I truly believe that one of the reasons I am in such good health is that I have focused on the Naturopathic way of health and have followed the good advice of my excellent supporter, my Doctor Denise.  

    With great respect and admiration.

    Dena N.

  • Denise not only helps you heal your body – she connects with your soul and teaches you how to listen and truly understand the message your body is trying to share with you. After 8 months of chronic pain in my back, inflammation in my hips, and sheer exhaustion, I truly did not know what to do next. I had tried a wide variety of different holistic and traditional medical routes, but nothing shifted until I started working with Denise. Now after only 2 short months, I am for not only experiencing great relief but also feeling truly empowered health-wise. As my healing journey continues, I am beyond grateful to have Denise walk with me as my doctor, intuitive guide and deeply caring healer. With over 30 years experience, she is highly qualified and I just can’t recommend her enough.

    Leah G.

  • I can personally attest to the excellent care I have received from Dr. Denise Rochon ND over the past three decades and highly recommend the use of her services.

    I consider myself very fortunate under Denise’s loving care to have recovered from an E-coli Kidney infection without the use of antibiotics with no recurrence. My hemorrhoids were shrunk before I could even make it to the top of the waiting list for surgery that became unnecessary. My thyroid was returned to a full healthy functioning state saving me from the life long dependence on pharmaceuticals that has been the fate of the rest of my family. My sight was returned after coming out of a cataract operation blind.

    I have complete confidence in her knowledge to help in a healing crisis as well as keeping me happy, healthy and strong so I can enjoy living my life to the fullest!

    Amber L.

  • My experience with Dr. Rochon and her practice of homeopathy has been lovely and so incredible. I feel thankful, confident and secure with the type of natural medicine she uses, her kind and gentle way of treating my family, as well the time that she takes getting to know us and help us.

    When our oldest son was a toddler he struggled with lung afflictions including reoccurring bronchitis, croup, and asthma. Multiple doses of antibiotics were not helping, so a good friend recommended that we take him to see Dr. Rochon. Her homeopathic treatments completely cleared the problems. This was such a drastic change that we began, as a family, to take all of our ailments to Dr Rochon. Now we are very rarely sick enough to have to call her. When we have had to, she has always been available and accommodating.

    The amount of money we have saved in prescriptions and the time we have saved in not having long waits in emergency room at the hospital or constant doctors appointments far outweighs the fees we have paid. We are self employed and do not get compensated for extended health care costs and are happy to have this choice to be cared for by Dr. Rochon. 

    Lori M.

  • I have been patient of Dr Rochon for 22 years. My daughter was suffering from eczema and I brought her to Dr Denise. After several weeks her eczema was completely gone, and it has never come back.

    I then decided to go to her myself as I was suffering from fibromyalgia. I was in a lot of pain and desperate to try anything, as regular allopathic medicine could not help me. Needless to say, Dr Rochon did help me to become a pain free, and functioning member of society again—something I hadn’t been for almost 6 years.

    Over the years, I also had much success in treating others ailments and were it not for her care and attention, I don’t know what I would have done. Thank you, Dr. Denise!

    Beate B.

  • Dr. Rochon has been my naturopath and homeopath for seven years. In this time, she has helped me determine and eliminate food allergens, which were causing regular migraines, digestive issues and acne, and generally making me feel terrible. She also helped me with my choice to heal cervical cancer using alternative, holistic methods. I am now cancer free, and didn’t have to undergo any invasive surgeries. She is a wonderful naturopath – compassionate, caring, insightful and supportive. I have experienced the very best health care with her, and highly recommend her services.

    Melody S.

  • My mother, father and I have known Dr. Rochon for about twelve to fifteen years. We have been clients of hers intermittently during this time. Receiving her care has had a very positive impact on our physical, emotional and spiritual lives.

    Dr. Rochon’s kindness, caring and intuition together create a therapeutic milieu conducive to healing. Her diligence in researching ailments and remedies is incredible. She goes beyond the call of duty.

    I highly recommend Dr. Rochon’s naturopathic skills to anyone looking for complementary health care. Thank you for this opportunity to give this testimonial.

    Chris B.

  • I have had a history of health imbalances stemming from an under active thyroid since I was a child. From the time I was 19 I started getting abnormal pap smear and colposcopy results for which doctors recommended I use a laser or LEEP procedure to remove the abnormal cells. I have always refused and opted to use alternative medicine to correct the imbalances. It was quite the roller coaster ride working with different naturopaths and other modalities and join on and off diets while getting better and falling back out of alignment until 2012 when I finally began working with Dr Denise Rochon who finally helped me reach a place I never had before.

    Her holistic approach really helped me in all areas of life. When I walked into her office I was in a really low point. She took the time to listen to all aspects of what I was going through and gave me ideas and input around each one of my issues. She helped me on a physical, spiritual and emotional level with a very compassionate, caring and giving spirit.

    After about a 2 year journey I finally got the results I had been trying to get for thirteen years. I am eternally grateful for her coming into my life.

    Paola R.

  • Over the past ten years I have had many consultations with Dr. Rochon. First of all she is a very good and very sympathetic listener, which is rare among health care professionals. Based on our detailed discussions of my health needs, she has been able to give me much excellent dietary and lifestyle advice which I am doing my best to follow.

    I also greatly appreciate the Bowen therapy treatments which I have received from Dr. Rochon. Not only do they deal with, and provide effective relief for, my specific muscular and postural problems, but they also help, as a form of therapeutic touch, to enhance my overall sense of physical wellbeing.

    To anyone who is looking for an understanding and experienced alternative health practitioner, I can highly recommend Dr. Rochon. 

    Keith S.

  • I was introduced to Dr. Denise Rochon one year ago and found her help invaluable. Her knowledge and wisdom have been priceless and have helped me immeasurably in ways that I hadn’t thought possible, and in less time than some of the more conventional approaches.

    Dr. Rochon listened and wasted little time in finding and offering the appropriate solutions to the issues I was struggling with, and therefore, it is without any hesitation that I recommend Dr. Denise Rochon.

    Olivier G.

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