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Through my own healing, first as a nurse, then midwife and then as a naturopathic doctor for 30 years, I have learned to trust and honour our body’s inner healer and teacher. Its inner wisdom knows how to re-set and self-regulate when being offered the right approach. We heal one day at the time and being patient while listening and responding to your body’s voice and messages is key to meeting your goals. As such, I initially like to work as closely as possible with you to understand your process and intentions, so that I can apply myself with you in facilitating your experience.

Life is a sacred journey through our body and soul, and my intention is for you to be empowered to thrive in whatever circumstances you encounter. Whether you are experiencing physical, mental, or emotional pain, we can, in co-operation, look for sustainable, natural, care-based solutions which address the root causes of your symptoms. With a background in Conventional and Wholistic Medicine, I am here to support you in taking back your life and to love it, remembering the Wisdom of your Being, Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit!

Here you will find a brief summary of where my journey has taken me. I welcome your connection, and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Dr Denise Rochon, ND

I first graduated as a Registered Nurse in Quebec City in 1979. For the next five years, I worked as a nurse in an Inuit community in the Arctic and in Montreal with children suffering from cancer and other degenerative and chronic conditions. In 1985, I graduated from the Nurse‑Midwifery Program at St‑John’s University, Newfoundland, and subsequently worked at a high-risk maternity hospital in Montreal. Seven years of nursing and caring for those involved in the passages of birth and death played a determining role in my professional development. More than ever, I was convinced that there were certainly in nature some approaches or methods that can prevent and alleviate the suffering of so many, and help in the healing of their acute or chronic ailments.

This belief led me to a search for alternatives and eventually to Homeopathy, Naturopathic Medicine, Bowen Therapy, and Relational Somatic Therapies. Although they are gentle in approach, these methods are profound and of a preventative and healing nature while being safe and truly empowering.

Over the years, I have been journeying through some of my own personal crises and healing, and I have continued to learn from the healing arts above, and also from the arts of mindfulness, energetic healing, ancient wisdoms, the “new sciences” and quantum physics. I have learned to see the challenges as opportunities that have come my way as teachers, and I am humbled and grateful for the transformative journey that has enriched my life and practice.

My experience is that health is an art of living in harmony with the laws of nature, the self, others and the surrounding world.

My life is my work and my work thrives through my life.

Consequently, I thrive in working together with you toward achieving your optimal wellness goals. My mission is for you to feel empowered in recovering your health and happiness, and it is what inspires me the most. I am here to help you in every step of the way. In learning to cherish yourselves, you will expand your capacity to bring these gifts of health and happiness into the lives of your loved ones, communities, and…into the world. Giving and receiving from each other, is a most sacred, most natural and most powerful dance of life!

Throughout my career and my experience of over 35 years in the health field, including both conventional and holistic approaches, I have honed and diversified my skills and teaching and I have inspire others as students of wellness. Since offering my services on the Sunshine Coast in 1993, and opening the Sequoia Naturopathic Centre in 2011, I have supported hundreds of clients to restore their health, build strength and create freedom in their lives. It is for me a real privilege, honour and joy to be working with you.

To your health, freedom and happiness,


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