Remembering Who We Are

“What is this precious love and laughter budding in our hearts? It is the sound of a soul waking up”


Series of eight circles starting October 12 2016, one Wednesday a month until June 21 2017.

This chapter might be the most grueling to write as I may sound like the canary in the coal mine. It has to do with how we seem to have lost our way, as if something went terribly wrong with our health and our happiness this past century. Yes, the volatility in mortality, caused by epidemics and pandemic infectious diseases might have been curtailed, as infectious diseases yielded to improved living conditions from that era. However, we seem to be sicker, more toxic than ever, more agitated, depressed and anxious and the rate of infertility keeps increasing. As a fact, in the beginning of the 20th century, before the ever growing proliferation of the chemical industry in our lands, homes, gardens, food, and seeds, and despite the promise of industrialization, the rate of  cancer was quite rare, only one per cent of the population. Breast cancer was  practically unheard of. Today, one out of two men, and one out of three women will develop cancer in their lifetime. It is now the second cause of mortality among children. I could go on with my list of what is going wrong as we see the emergence of more  immune and degenerative disorders than ever, more adults, teenagers and now children being medicated for depression, anxiety and stress. We are all being affected somehow, individually or through our respective families. This is not a personal health issue anymore, but it has become a global issue where we are all concerned.

How have we lost our way? How can we come back to health and find happiness?

At this time, we humans, have all the knowledge and technology possible to resolve any single problem on the planet.

What is missing? A shift of consciousness to start living with the earth and in our bodies as souls!

When we wake up to who we are, we can radically change the way we live so that we can experience inner peace, health and happiness.

I felt inspired when I realized from my own growth, the importance of the tribe. We humans need the reflection of each other to evolve. And yes, coming together to understand our own afflictions, challenges and those of our time, is not only profoundly empowering and liberating, but it has exponential effects on our lives and surroundings. This is why I felt called to write, and to  open circles and workshops for my own community. Along the way, in the process of finding my own voice, I also discovered the power of vulnerability and how it gives permission to others to share, open up and learn from each other.

This is the magic of coming together to remember who we are.

Inspired by new science and by ancient traditions, some of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, our experience is that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, spirit and the world at large. During our 8 circles starting in October, we will be exploring each of the seven most important systems of the body and the physical, emotional, and spiritual components related to them as well as ways to listen to our body to nurture, care for, and re-balance toward optimal health and happiness.

My intention is to create a safe and sacred space to share, to experience a deep connection with each other and a sense of clarity in our own process, as well as a sense of Body Mind Spirit empowerment.

Remember Gandhi`s words: ”We have to be the change that we want to see in the world”. It starts with each one of us. As individuals, we are more irresistible and powerful than we might be aware of, just in doing what is best for oneself, in cultivating the intention of RADICAL self-love. When we are ready to fiercely protect our own health and happiness by making conscious choices about our way of being and living, we then not only contribute to our own well-being but we create ripples on our families, communities and the world at large.

“If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself  if they are ready to do away with the reasons for their illness.

Only then is it possible to help.”

~ Hippocrates



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To continue to be inspired on Remembering Who We Are, here is a 6 minute video using words written by a favourite of mine, Thomas Berry, cultural historian and ecotheologian ( 1914-2009 ).

Thomas Berry and the Earth Community

“The Universe, and in particular the planet earth, is a communion of subjects,
not a collection of objects”

~ Thomas Berry

And again…

I want to thank each one and every one of you for your interest and support in reading my newsletter, and to pass it on. I find myself of service in this big picture of life, where to understand our own health, it is often valuable to understand our place in our surroundings, living consciously, with an awareness of our own nature and of the world around us, how it affects us and how we, in turn, affect nature and the world. My goal is to help you in making informed choices for yourselves, your families and loved ones. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as a guide and facilitator toward empowerment, helping you in developing the necessary tools and confidence to take your health into your own hands. Furthermore, I want to express my sincere gratitude for the possibility to share, and for the precious and endless teachings that I receive from each and every one of you. We are truly interconnected!

In Gratitude, Love, Health and Happiness,

Now is the time to know all that you do is sacred. -Hafiz

“Now is the time to know that all you do is sacred.”

~ Hafiz


*** 2017 Hafiz Calendar. Versions by Daniel Ladinsky. Artwork by Silas Toball.

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